Saturday, October 26, 2013

COSMETICS REVEW - Sweet Almond Face Cream from Weleda

PRODUCT REVEW – all my product reviews are my own opinions based on my experience. 
I bought all products by myself and I am not influenced in anyway by anyone. I do this to share the information and my experience with my readers. Hope it will help you to do your own natural cosmetic choice. 

Gentle care for dry, sensitive skin – Sweet Almond Face Cream from Weleda

Since I discovered Weleda anthroposophic cosmetics, which are made in my region, I’ve tried almost everything. From body washing gels to toothpaste J I like Weleda very much and tell about it to all my friends.

This time during my Beauty Shopping I decided to try a new cream. It was a simple cream for allergic and sensitive skin, mostly consisting of two natural oils. Although it does not have herbs and fruits extracts and other “magic” ingredients, cream did not disappointed me. I fell in love with this simple but solid and caring guy J Now he will be often seen on my beautiful cosmetic table.

The product – Sweet Almond Cream for sensitive skin

Manufacturer – Weleda

Ingredients – mostly contains sweet almond oil and plum seeds oil. Sweet almond oil is one of the best oils for skin. It is a great moisturizer, fights wrinkles, pH misbalances, cures small cuts and wounds, tone skin up.  Protects from UV-rays and aging.

Plum seeds oil nourishes and moistures skin, stimulates regeneration processes, smooth out scars and stretch marks. It contains phytohormone Sitisterol, a very active skin tone up agent.

Yah, as usual I know a bit more about the product than manufacturer tells us J

Packaging – very useful and hygienic tube. I do not like creams in glasses, where you have to put your fingers, inviting all bacteria into your new yummy cream!

Consistency, color, smell – a bit thick and kind of fat white cream without any particular smell. Good for allergic and sensitive skin.

Application – spreads well, gets absorbed quickly. It is a bit too fat for my normal skin. I just absorb excessive cream with a napkin and then there is no shine on my face for the whole day J Cream rolls somehow on my cheeks, I don’t get it why? J

There is a lighter version of this cream, for normal to fat skin. I think, lighter version would be better for summer, and thicker version for winter time for me.

During the day/night - skin stays moisturized the whole day and do not shine. A very comfortable and nice feeling for the whole day J I do not use night creams, as I, first, lazy, and second, I let my skin breathe and enjoy her pure freedom J

Combination with other cosmetics – a good base for face powder and blush. I do not use foundation, but I think it will work well together too.

Overall, pluses and minuses, points on 10-points scale:

+ good, simple but not stupid ingredients, nice consistency, suitable for allergic and sensitive skin.

- rolls up a  bit on my cheeks.

Good moisturizing cream for normal/dry skin, especially for sensitive and allergic skin. Although it contains very simple ingredients, it is efficient for normal skin without special problems and requirements. Because it does not contain more active and strong ingredients, I give it good and fully deserved 7 points J

What is your experience with this Sweet Almond Cream? Do you like Weleda cosmetics? 

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